The 5 Biggest Mistakes You’re Making With Your Ecommerce Web Design

5 Biggest Mistakes Eccomerce

This article I found on Resorce Nation is a very helful article for clients to  understand the importance of design and not overdesigning a website.

The online shopping business is a competitive one, and there are millions of Ecommerce stores out there.  The instant someone arrives at your website, they make a judgment about your company based on what they see.

Customers will be judging the reliability of your company and the quality of your products based on the design of your website.

Sometimes, store owners think the more, the better.  However, when dealing with web design, typically, the simpler the design, the better.

Be aware of these 5 common usability mistakes that are easily avoidable when brought to light.

1. Filling the White Space
It is easy to get caught up in colors and graphics and ignore the importance of whitespace.   Whitespace can be used to make content easier to view and understand.  It can also guide the customer’s eye in the direction that you want it to go.

Many Ecommerce site owners are concerned with getting the most content to fit in every inch of space.  Rather than overwhelming your customers with content, choose only a few important elements to allow customers to get more out of what they see.

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